War Eagle Cavern – Maze

War Eagle Cavern – Maze

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasAnother one of the fun and exciting attractions at War Eagle Cavern is also located here on top! The “Lost in the Woods Maze” is the perfect opportunity to practice your explorer skills above ground. As visitors will learn during the guided tour portion of the cavern this entire area was once home to many Indian tribes. This part of history is what Lost in the Woods Maze is built around.

The maze is more than a half a mile of twists and turns inside a wooden stockade. Your challenge in this fun-filled activity is two-fold. The first part of the challenge is to find your way out of this crooked maze. Whether you are racing against others in your group or just racing the clock it is a challenge to see how fast you can find the exit! The average person takes 12 to 14 minutes to get through the maze. The second part of the challenge is to locate and identify the four lost Indian Tribes found somewhere along the path of the maze! The tall stockade fences make cheating virtually impossible while trying to navigate this puzzle. However there is a tree house in the middle of the path that you can climb up in and look around in order to help find your way out.

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, Arkansas

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasThe Lost in the Woods Maze is indeed a lot of fun but it takes cunning, skill, logic and luck in order to complete this two part exploration activity. It is one of the activities that you will want to repeat over and over. Explorers are encouraged to sign in at the beginning of the maze and there is a record time there for you to try to beat!

As you make your way through “The Lost in the Woods Maze” you almost expect to run into one of the past Indian inhabitants around one of the corners! This simple activity nestled in this spectacular part of the Ozark Mountains is one of the favorites of all our visitors young and old alike! Make sure you do not miss the fun on your visit to War Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake!

Remember “The Lost in the Woods Maze”…where getting lost means having fun!