War Eagle Cavern – Nature Paths

War Eagle Cavern – Nature Paths

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasWar Eagle Cavern on Beaver Lake sits in a boxed canyon at the end of Devil‘s Gap. Surrounding this beautiful attraction with untouched acres of forest, are several beautiful nature paths. The nature path adventure continues as visitors explore the paths and docks at their own pace. They will be treated to spectacular, scenic views of nature at its finest. Every nature path in this lush deciduous forest will provide a variety of nature’s finest living specimens.

Along the nature paths, explorers will be treated to the sights of limestone bluffs, sinkholes, natural waterfalls, and lush deciduous and pine forests. It is common to see maples trees, dogwoods, redbuds, sycamores, pines, cedars, as well as several species of oak. White-tailed deer, wild turkeys, squirrels, and groundhogs can often be spotted by the sides of the paths. At the boat dock, bluegill, black bass, and catfish frequently surface in search of food. Visitors to the cave can purchase fish food to feed the many variety of fish found in Beaver Lake.

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, Arkansas

War Eagle Cavern On Beaver Lake - Rogers, ArkansasThe nature paths are open to anyone on the regular guided tour. The Lake Walk is stroller friendly. Other paths lead to lookouts or the sinkholes and some have information signs along the way. One path leads to a rest area containing a fossil dig. Buried in sand are the artificial remains of a mastodon. Children dig in the sand to uncover the bones and then cover them back up for the next person to find.

Spend as much time as you like discovering the wonders of this area while hiking these nature paths and enjoying the beautiful park-like setting. Throughout the Spring, all the lush green forest and wildflowers really get your attention. Then in the fall, the landscape changes to all the brilliant colors of gold, orange and red. This glorious, basically untouched gem of nature provides the perfect environment for making memories that will last a lifetime.