War Eagle Cavern – School Packages

War Eagle Cavern – School Packages

Available Spring and Fall Only!

Teachers, call us to reserve your date early, as spring dates fill quickly! We offer a full day of fun!
Call: (479)789-2909 or email us if you have any questions.
Available in spring and fall by reservation only.

War Eagle Cavern presents a truly unique educational experience while students enjoy a full day of outdoor fun! Our guides do an excellent job of entertaining youngsters’ attention, spinning many “yarns” about the history of the cavern, explaining the many dripping formations (Yes, they will see bats!), and explaining the Karst landscape of the Ozark mountains – see the TOURS page of this site.

All Day School Package Includes:

  • One hour, guided, walking tour of War Eagle Cavern
  • GEMSTONE PANNING at our water sluice at the War Eagle Mining Company. Each student is given a bag of “dirt”, laced with semi-precious gemstones gathered from around the world. Students will be thrilled when they find rubies, emeralds, sapphires, pyrite, etc. as they work the pans at our water sluice, just like mining in the creek beds and hillsides of Colorado. One of our staff will be on hand at the sluice to make sure everyone gets a great selection of stones to take home along with a gemstone identification card.
  • The great HUNT FOR CHIEF WAR EAGLE’S TREASURE – a fun way for everyone to explore our woods. Wooden bat signs will point out interesting fauna, trees, outlooks and activities along our pathways, culminating in finding the treasure.
  • We are proud of our unique trading post, offering many interesting souvenirs and encourage each student to bring a few dollars with them. We feel that a child spending a few dollars on his own is a very important learning experience. We really spend the extra time with the students to teach them about their first shopping experience – how much money they have to spend, what they can buy in their price range, and how much change they will get back. We teach them how to shop on their own in a fun learning environment!
  • There are ample picnic areas under the trees for students to enjoy their home packed lunches.

The school package includes the cavern tour, the treasure hunt/nature walk, and a bag of gemstone mix for mining at our water sluice.

One chaperone ticket is free for every ten students arriving that day (tour only, gem pan mix available at regular prices). Additional adult chaperones will be charged a discounted rate.

  • Please designate one person to be in charge of the entire groups check-in funds. (*This must be done to receive a discounted rate) Payment is due the day of the field trip in the form of a school check. (No credit cards)
  • Minimum of 50 students for the school package.