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Frequently Asked Questions

How long are the cavern tours?

Traditional tours of War Eagle Cavern typically last about 1 hour. Tours leave about every 20 minutes throughout the day. The last tour leaves 1 hour before closing time. There are also several other above ground activities including, the Moonshiners’ Mystery Shack, The Lost in the Woods Maze, and Gemstone Panning so guests can enjoy several hours of fun if they chose.

Is War Eagle Cavern open all year?

War Eagle Cavern closes for the months of December, January, and February each year so that our bats may hibernate undisturbed. We reopen the second weekend in March and remain open through the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Is War Eagle Cavern open when it's raining?

Yes. War Eagle Cavern is open 7 days a week rain or shine. Once guests are inside the cavern they will be sheltered from the rain. There is just a short outdoor walk to get from the gift shop to the cavern entrance. We do have umbrellas that guests are welcome to borrow for the outdoor portion of the tour. On very rare occasions, torrential rainfall can cause the water in the cavern to rise and cover the walkways. This rarely happens but if you are unsure, please call ahead.

Can we visit the cavern without a guide?

We want each guest to get the most out of their visit to War Eagle Cavern, while at the same preserving a safe and natural environment. Therefore in order to enter the cavern, guests must purchase tickets and go on a guided tour.

Do I need to make reservations?

For the Traditional Cavern Tour, there is no need to make reservations unless there are more than 15 people in your party. To make a group reservation call 479-789-2909. You may also select your tour time by purchasing tickets online. CLICK HERE to purchase tickets. Otherwise, you may purchase tour tickets directly from our gift shop upon arrival and your party will be placed on the next available cavern tour.  The last tour leaves 1 hour before closing every day.

Do I need to wear special clothing or footwear?

Special clothing is only required for Wild Cave Tours (see Wild Tours on the Cavern Tours page). For the Traditional Cavern Tour, no special clothing is required. Guests will be on paved walkways for the entire tour. The temperature in the cavern is 58 degrees Fahrenheit so a light jacket or long sleeve shirt is recommended for guests who chill easily. 

I have limited mobility. Can I still go on the cavern tour?

We have many visitors of all ages and physical capabilities to do our cavern tour each day. The difficulty depends entirely on each individual person. Guests will be on paved walkways the entire time and there are no tight places or staircases in the cavern. There are only about 8 small steps and a couple of places where ducking is required. The biggest challenge is usually coming back up the hill afterward. We have made the walk back as easy as we could by paving it, adding hand railings, and benches at regular intervals. Guests are also able to come back up at their own pace and stop to rest as often as necessary.

Is the Cavern Tour wheelchair accessible?

The Traditional Cavern Tour takes place on rough concrete paved walkways, so it is possible for wheelchairs and strollers to go through the cave. However, due to its unique and natural formation, the cave floor is unlevel in some areas. Also, the pathway from the gift shop to the cave is ¼ mile all downhill on paved asphalt which does mean the wheelchair will have to come back up the hill after the tour. It usually takes a person of significant strength to restrain the chair as it goes down the hill and push it back up afterward. We recommend that any guest wanting to attempt the tour in a wheelchair bring along at least 2 strong, capable family members and/or acquaintances to help. 

Is War Eagle Cavern Pet Friendly?

We are happy to allow well-behaved pets in the cavern and on the grounds. Dogs must always be kept on a leash and all animals must always be kept under control by their owners. We cannot allow any animals inside of our gift shop due to local Health Department regulations except for service animals with proper identification.

Are group rates available?

We offer discounted rates to groups of 10 people or more all age 4 and up. Payment for the entire group needs to be made all at once with one transaction.

Traditional Cavern Tour Group Rate: 

  • Ages 13 and up:  $21.00
  • Ages 4-12:  $12.00

War Eagle Value Pass Group Rate:

  • Ages 13 and up:  $25.00
  • Ages 4-12:  $16.00
Are there overnight accommodations nearby?

War Eagle Cavern does not have any overnight accommodations, however, there are several resorts and campgrounds within a 10-minute drive.  

Beaver Lake Hide-A-Way: 

Rocky Branch Resort: 

Coppermine Lodge: 

Kelsey’s Beaver Lake Homes: 


*The towns of Rogers, Bentonville, and Eureka Springs are also all within a 30-minute drive.

Does War Eagle Cavern have a restaurant?

War Eagle Cavern sells assorted snacks, drinks, and ice cream in the gift shop. For guests looking for a full meal, the closest restaurant to us is located at the War Eagle Mill (no relation to War Eagle Cavern). 

If you are headed to Rogers or Eureka Springs, ask our staff for some great recommendations. 

Hours of Operation

Open Daily from March 5th through Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Monday through Sunday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • The last cavern tour leaves 1 hour before closing
  • Open 10:00 am – 4:00 pm
  • Cavern Tours at 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm


  • Open 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Cavern Tours leave every 20 minutes.
Thanksgiving Weekend
  • Saturday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Sunday 9:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • Cavern Tours leave every 20 minutes.
The last tour is 1 hour before closing.

Ticket Prices

War Eagle Value Pass

Traditional Cavern Tour, Lost in the Woods Maze, and Moonshiners’ Mystery Shack

  • Ages 13 and up: $28.00
  • Ages 4-12: $19.00

Traditional Tour Tickets:

  • Adult: $23.00 + tax
  • Child (age 4-12): $14.00 + tax
  • Ages 3 and under: FREE
  • All minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Lantern Tours

  • $30.00 per person + tax
  • Available Fridays and Saturdays from Memorial Day – Labor Day
  • Minimum of 4 guests
  • Maximum of 15 guests
  • Ages 13 and up only
  • Reservations required 24 hours in advance
Wild Cavern Tours
  • $70 per person
  • 4 person minimum, $30 deposit per person required.
  • Reservations Required at least 48 hours in advance
  • Available from Mid-July through October
Lost in the Woods Maze
  • All Day Pass: $6.00 per person
  • Included in the War Eagle Value Pass.
Moonshiners’ Mystery Shack
  • All Day Pass: $10.00 per person
  • Included in the War Eagle Value Pass.
Gemstone Panning
  • Lucky Strike – $14.00
  • Crystal Bag – $15.00
  • Emerald Strike – $15.00
  • Fossil Dig – $15.00
  • Mother Lode $28.99

Getting Here

By Land


War Eagle Cavern
21494 Cavern Rd
Rogers, AR 72756

By Boat

War Eagle Cavern is just a short boat ride away from Prairie Creek, Rocky Branch, Lost Bridge, and Starkey Marinas. On the south side of Beaver Lake look for Navigational Marker Number 6. Follow the inlet to the left of the marker towards Devil’s Gap. After passing Marker 6 keep to the right and look for the billboard.
Map to get to cave by boat

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